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GoPik: India’s Unique Urban Rural Engagement Network

For a long time, Rural India has been positioned as the ‘Next Big Opportunity’. Every marketer and service provider has jumped on to be a part of this opportunity. Moreover, with technological advances such as smartphones and governmental incentives like ‘Digital India’, rural aspirations are growing, however, there exists a huge gap as far as delivering at the last mile is concerned. Companies have tried building an infrastructure to deliver at the last mile but have not succeeded because the paradox of reach versus profitability has been too overwhelming. And this is where GoPik is working towards making a significant difference. 

Launched in 2018, GoPik, a venture of GoPik Connect Pvt. Ltd. is taking on this last mile connectivity challenge. GoPik is working towards creating a unique ecosystem that uses an existing infrastructure to ensure delivery of goods and services to the completely neglected bottom-of-the-pyramid consumer segment by connecting people from rural India to people from urban India. At one level, GoPik is leveraging the social traveller – the GoPik Dost – via the GoPik App; and at another level, using a unique mix of online and offline channels – GoPik Bazaar & GoPik Dukaan. Further, GoPik, through its GoPik Krishi initiative is connecting farmers to FPOs and SHGs.

GoPik aims to bring world-class buying experience to the rural populace by leveraging the social traveller and thus creating a large logistics channel cutting across rural and urban landscape delivering the products and services at their doorstep.

Every day, many people from rural India travel to urban India and vice versa for work, study, pleasure etc. – on an average, almost 83% of the rural folk travel at least 12 kms to reach the nearest marketplace. These Social Travellers, or as we call them, ‘GoPik Dost’ are an existing and a huge logistics channel that cuts across the rural-urban landscape – a channel that, till now, has never been tapped into. GoPik has realized the potential of these social travellers or GoPik Dost as the ‘go-to’ means for rural market access and distribution. GoPik, via its GoPik App, is working towards building an ecosystem by providing an opportunity for these GoPik Dost to monetize their routine travel by assisting in the movement of goods, services and information to every doorstep in the rural areas and that too even in the remotest of locations.

GoPik is building a franchisee-based network by bringing in ambitious local entrepreneurs in rural India and empowering them to make a better living not only for themselves but also for the people around them. Through their online and offline initiatives – the GoPik Bazaar & GoPik Dukaan respectively, GoPik is making the last mile delivery network more robust and effective.

GoPik Bazaar, an online distribution network, aims to connect all rural shops across India to the nearest distribution center to ensure goods and services are made available to rural consumers even in the most remote locations at reasonable rates. 

GoPik Dukaan, a franchisee-based network of shops, are not only retail outlets for walk-in customers, but also a distribution centre for online customers that use the GoPik Bazaar.

GoPik’s Unique Urban-Rural Distribution Ecosystem

GoPik: Vision, Mission & Values

GoPik: Key Strengths

To connect people to people and service the huge unserviced potential rural customer group, GoPik’s patented business concept is backed by a team of professionals that not only ensures a superior buying experience, but also access to finance for purchase.

Before the COVID-19 lockdown, GoPik had more than 4,800 registered users, 63+ enterprise partners, 21,944 registrations as GoPik Dost, 20+ districts covered across Odisha and more than 10 training events. 

Even during Covid-19, the user base has increased by 40% in the last 6 months. GoPik has been able to bring more than 10k job opportunities through GoPik Jobs. With 3 GoPik Dukaan already up and running, GoPik is poised to storm the market with 10k+ franchise network across India.

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