Adoring the Agriculture

What is a Agri Equipment Loan?

To support India’s Agriculture, we have brought to you the Agri Equipment Loans. It will undoubtedly help farmers to buy products like power tillers, harvesters, power sprayers, tractors, and other user equipment.

Features and Benefits

Approval in Minutes

Multiple documentation, long waiting weeks or sometimes even months, is what Gopik subtracts from the equation. Over the traditional loan providers, we provide a secure and quick procedure that will get your loan approved in just seconds, if you are eligible for the Loan. All you have to do is connect to a Gopik assistant.

Digital process

Why waste paper in this digital era when everything can be done digitally? It makes the process hassle-free and much more user-friendly. That's how Gopik aims to achieve the dual purpose of contributing to the conservation of Nature and giving its customers the best service.

Lowest interest rates

Gopik offers affordable loans up to 3 Lakhs with interest rates starting as low as 18% p.a. Please Note that the final rate offered on interest is affected by factors like applicants’ monthly income, and credit score, among others, and is solely at the discretion of Gopik.

Repayment Tenure of your Choice

With Gopik you get to choose from the flexible repayment period. So, with your choice, you get to extend the loan tenure up to 36 Months.

No hidden Fees

Gopik Never charges any processing fees on any of its products. You can get this benefit from Gopik’s all loan services. The offer is available to all eligible customers. Contact Gopik to know your eligibility.

Agri Equipment Loan Interest Rates and Charges

How to Apply for Gopik Agri Equipment Loan?

Agri Equipment Loan Eligibility Criteria

Documents Required for Application

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