Digital Marketing Services Post COVID 19

2020 has been a major let down in every aspect, thanks to the Pandemic. However, let’s give credit where credit is due. Without the pandemic, it would have taken us years to build the digital infrastructure that we managed to pull off within a matter of months.

After the initial panic settled down, brands were prompt to pick back where they left off and adapt to the circumstances. A few brands struggled but most of them were able to make most of the situation. We have seen the digital world make history with the way it has developed and grown in a matter of just few months.

The increase in digital consumption is as below:

  • The consumption of live news has increased by 43%.
  • Texting, chatting and using instant messaging has increased 34%
  • Video content and the use of social media have increased by 33%.
  • Online shopping in supermarkets has increased by 23% during this period

*we do not take credit for the above statistics*

This boom in digital marketing and its services is here to stay no matter when the pandemic ends. Having said that, there is now a great need and demand of digital marketing/ advertising agencies to help brands stay afloat in such everchanging digital times. Digital agencies now have the huge responsibility of constantly churning out new and engaging content to keep the audiences interested.

The development has also enabled customers to have more choices in terms of prices, conveniences, accessibility, quality, options and much more, available at the click of a button. The need to physically visit a store for any item right from  a toothbrush to buying jewellery has diminished a great deal.

Important trends in digital marketing Post COVID are:

  • A better customized and integrated approach.

Now more than ever, people respond more positively to personalized interactions or experiences with brands.  With the growing competition it is critical for brands to take a more integrated and customized approach and offer the customers; a wholesome experience.

  • Focus on ROI

With the continual rise in the online shopping space, brands of all sizes need to revaluate where and how they invest in, to reach their audiences. All the high-end ROI generating tools like SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing are already witnessing a significant rise in investment and this will continue to rise even long after the threat of the pandemic has subsided.

  • Small scale businesses and brands banding together

With the growing demand and need, it will be difficult for small businesses to fulfil all the demands by themselves. Symbiotic partnerships with other like-minded businesses to grow and together and be able to cater to a larger base of customers is the need of the hour if they want to survive the market.

Having said that, it is also vital for brands to realise that digital marketing trends are highly dynamic and keep up with them so as to make the most of the gold mine that is Digital marketing and advertising.

However, thanks to marketing and advertising agencies for going above and beyond to help businesses focus on their core activities and take on all the hassles that comes with digital advertising.

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